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NaturalWorks offers consultancy and research services in the field of Building Physics. Our goal is to promote sustainable architecture through energy efficiency using, whenever possible, natural building systems. We work to achieve a positive resonance between indoor and outdoor environments, leading to optimal solutions for building designs.

We work in close cooperation with the design team (architects and engineers) providing software simulation, simplified modeling methods and careful climate/building site analysis. In some cases original compromises between engineering and architectural constraints are used.

NaturalWorks was founded in 2002 by Paul Linden and Guilherme Carrilho da Graça, after successful joint consultancy work in California, including the development of the natural ventilation system for the new San Francisco Federal building and the passive cooling system for the new San Diego Children's museum. Both founders have many years of experience in the field of building physics with focus on passive cooling by ventilation including buoyancy, wind driven natural ventilation, and low energy mechanical and air-conditioning systems. Both founders have ongoing teaching activities in Physics (environmental fluid mechanics), Engineering (applied acoustics) and Architecture (building physics and sustainable design).

More recently, activities have extended to renewable energy use, daylighting, development of software models for natural displacement and cross ventilation (including implementation in the US Department of Energy code EnergyPlus) and low energy home design.

For general information and inquiries please email us using: info@natural-works.com.