Solar powered air conditioning system for a road traffic control center - Carcavelos (Portugal)

Work Performed

Solar powered climate control system design.

Displacement ventilation and radiative cooling system design.

Acoustic design.

Relevant Details

The design of the new road traffic control center for the Portuguese company BRISA combines high indoor climate control performance standards with low environmental impact.

The building design brief demanded for a fully closed building skin as a way of attaining an undisturbed environment in the large (400m2) road traffic control room within the building.

The harsh acoustic environment that results from an adjacent high traffic road "pushed" any building openings (such as the entrance) towards the North, thus freeing the remaining façade orientations of any openings.

The design team sought alternative uses for a building skin free from the demands of ensuring natural light and air penetration. This search resulted in large solar thermal energy collecting surfaces being installed in the façade, taking advantage of the high solar availability in the local climate.

The solar panels provide thermal energy collection for the cooling and heating system while at the same time shading the building external skin and improving the acoustic insulation. As expected for a building with high internal loads in a mild climate, cooling is the main requirement. The cooling potential of the solar collecting surfaces was achieved by installing a single-effect absorption cooling system.

Project Data

Architecture: João Luis Carrilho da Graça with Barbini&Silva

HVAC: Pen Engenharia - Luis Andrade